Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Beard

Name : Marc
Occupation : Artist
Random fact : 'My beard'

Pet Rhino

Name : Ben 
Occupation : Protecting animals in Africa
Random Fact : 'WTF is streetstyle?!' & 'I have a pet rhino'

Missing Eyelashes

Name : Ann
Occupation : Art Foundation Student
Weird Fact : 'I've got missing eyelashes'

Scared of Bridges

Name : Erika
Occupation : Art & Photography Teacher
Weird Fact : 'I'm scared of bridges'

Hot Chocolate

Name : Sophie
Occupation : Theatre Design Student
Weird Fact : 'Hot chocolate'

Game Freak

Name : Sam
Occupation : Working at a vintage shop
Weird Fact : Video game geek

Scared of Starfish

Name : Declan
Occupation : Make-up Student
Weird Fact : Really scared of starfish

Never Watched Breaking Bad

Name : Russell RB
Occupation : Accessories Designer
Weird Fact : Never watched breaking bad

Pink Fanatic

Name : Lindsey
Occupation : Tv editor ( skins)
Weird fact : Pink fanatic

Fetish for Tyres

Name : Johnny
Occupation : Period Film Art Director
Weird Fact : Fetish for tyres

Monday, 21 October 2013

Family Affair

Names : Stephanie and Joana
Random Fact : Mother and Daughter. Multicultural 

Mirror Writing

Name : Raphaella
Occupation : Singer and Songwriter
Random Fact : Writing in mirror writing

Hare Krishner Singing

Name : Emma
Occupation : Photography Student and Railway Station worker
Random Fact : Singing Hare Krishner


Name : Gwen
Occupation : Model
Random facts : 'I'm from New Zealand'

Drink too much Water

Name : Rosie
Occupation : Singer and Works at a vintage shop
Random fact : 'I drink too much water'

Same school as Sting

Name : Shawn
Occupation : Creative Technology Student
Random Fact : Went to the same school as Sting

Woke up in my bandana

Name : Davy Tyler
Occupation : Portrait Photographer
Random Fact : Woke up wearing my bandana

Colours define you

Name : Elaine 
Random fact : Colours define who you are

Saved by the Skirt

Name : Holly
Occupation : Fashion Design Student
Random Fact : Related to the woman who jumped off the suspension bridge (in Bristol) but saved by her skirt.

Always Sparkle

Names : Alyson Richardson and Poppy Star
Occupation : Hairdresser and Stylist
Random Fact : Always wearing something sparkly!

Late Introduction

Hello to the lovely everyone I met on saturday!

Sorry I haven't posted any photos of your beautiful outfits, currently editing and picking shots for the moment.

I thought I'd introduce myself since my crappy 'business card' didn't have any of my info.
I'm Cristina, Fashion Design student at Bournemouth Uni of the Arts. I was given a project on streetstyle and I psyched to get on it, since I usually do lookbooks. It was nice to take the photographs for once!

If any of you guys want to email me regarding photos or anything feel free to do so at:

You we're all lovely to work with :) The photos shall be up very very soon
Take care

Friday, 4 October 2013

London Fashion Week SS14

Street-style is a key important factor in fashion week. Thousands of unique fashionable people turn up, along with countless photographers from the press to record their beautifully crafted outfits. There were a crazy amount of amazing styles but these were just a few I took that day [Day 4]. From fashion students, bloggers, designers in the making and to random fashion loving people.